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A Voice Changing App

Ever wonder what could happen if you take on the voice of your favourite character, an animal or a robot? This is exactly what MagicCall does. With our easy to use interface and amazing voice and background changer effects, you can alter the way you sound on calls. Now create hilarious conversations with your friends, and Family.


Our Features

Have crazy fun with your near ones with the new AI based calling technology.

Voice changer on live Call

Choose a character: change your voice to a male, female, granddad, robot, don and many other fun characters. Add memorable moments to your calls by changing your voice.

Voice Test

Not sure about your voice? No worries, we got you covered. You can test your voice in real time before making a call.

Background Effects

Ever wished someone a happy birthday with a background music? MagicCall can help you play birthday music and many more effects in the background on your calls like rain, concert, traffic etc.


The New Voice Changer App

Era of boring conversations is over, so add some spice to your calls. Now decide how you want to be heard. Change your voice on call in real time and create hilarious conversations with your friends, and family. Won't it be fun to see their confusing reactions? The possibilities are endless!

We are offering free credits, when you register for the first time. Making a fun call was never so easy and amazing!

How does This App Work?

  • Select Voice

    Decide on the voice that you would like to use. The voice changing effect can be toggled on/off during the call.

  • Make a Call

    Choose the contact or just dial the number and make a call through the app.

  • Enjoy!

    Sit back and have a fun conversation in your new chosen voice.


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